Josh Greenly Dragon Slayer

Josh Greenly Dragon Slayer
Behold Josh Greenly Dragon Slayer

Josh Greenly, Dragon Slayer

Josh Greenly defended himself against a dragon on a cold winter evening during a holiday getaway at his cabin near a durian orchard. He realized the presence of a wild beast around his vicinity when all of a sudden his bulldog was injured on his right knee and limped around the house to survive. Josh Greenly carefully checked around the thick shrubs and bushes since the closest neighbor to him was at a distance from his cabin; Josh Greenly had to scout the area for any wild creature by himself. Apparently, he thought it must be a tiger or a lion out on a wild goose chase, but to his surprise; he saw a pair of fiery red eyes staring at him in the darkness with a weird noise from a strange creature that he could only liken to those heard in the movies. While peeping with his touch on his porch, he was awed by the sight of a strange animal with long horns attacking a raccoon. Out of panic, he quickly made a grab for his auto rifle and shot at it eight times, causing the dragon fall onto the floor.

After ensuring that it was dead, he was shocked to find that it was a black dragon with fur like a rabbit. When met with reporters, Josh Greenly aptly replied, “I could not have guessed I would ever encounter a dragon in my lifetime, I am still so shocked from the experience!”  The Chinese believe that when a dragon enters your home, it is deemed to bring luck and its horns can pay thousands of Ringgit. Nevertheless, Josh Greenly affirmed that he had no plans to sell the black dragon since it is likely that it would end up preserved for public viewing. Although some still doubt if the dragon slain by Josh Greenly was real, he explained further by saying that he heard eerie noises in his cabin when it was raining and thought a bird might be hurt, but was surprised, when he saw a dragon at the scene.

During a brief interview, Josh Greenly recounted his fight with the dragon and said that the supposed dragon grabbed him on his torso and flung him high up in the air that he lost consciousness until he awoke to the rapid breathing of the dragon hovering around his head.” When I regained consciousness and almost felt like all hope was lost, I recalled that I had tucked in a gun on the left side of my pants. That was my ticket out of that winter horror! In the darkness, I quickly took the shot with my gun right into his belly despite the fact that I was almost freezing to death.” Josh Greenly spoke on to the journalist who interviewed him. “I heard a massive fall on the ground right beside me and knew that my hands had slain the wild beast. Imagine the relief I felt that I was safe and immediately called the nearby traffic police and reported the incidence to them.